Apocalypse Poetry Slam


You don’t need to know anything about poetry or even like poetry to write a decent poem. A poem doesn’t even need to rhyme. I’ve written little poetry in my lifetime and managed to write these fun poems while sitting in a mind-numbingly boring city council meeting…
Zika, Ebola, black plague, or flu,
When humanity ends, so will you.
The young man peered into the sky,
Knowing the meteor impact was nigh.
Though it marked the total end of life,
He smiled to think, the end of all strife.
The sun flares.
Power is lost.
Man reverts.
It looked at me.
Nearly stilled my heart.
The AI judged.
The last hive hung silent.
Bees alive no longer.
Ode to a Tent:
Oh, nylon tent, you are light and airy.
You provide shelter yet still easy to carry.
We’ll travel by day, finding food to eat.
Inside you at night, I’ll raise my feet.
All life on Earth may come to an end.
The rest of my days in you I will spend.
Now you try! I’ll get you started…
There was an old zombie named Kari…

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