The Inconsistency of Honey and the Future



Walmart recently received a patent for robot bees. Yes, Robot Bees. That fact came across my radar, and I had to read more about it. Why in the world is Walmart interested in robot bees? The answer is simple. The ramifications are complex. Walmart wants to take over the world. Nowadays, who doesn’t?

Fast forward a couple of days. My husband and I notice the honey we recently purchased has a different consistency than past honey we’ve purchased from the same source. Not knowing much about beekeeping, how bees produce honey, or why honey from the same source would vary in consistency, we mentally shrugged our shoulders and continued watching TV.
Then I remembered the patent.
“Did you hear Walmart just received a patent for robot bees?” I asked him.
TV forgotten, we launched into a fiery conversation about corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot trying to take over the world and how science fiction may be becoming reality before us. Soon, municipalities may hand over the reins to corporations, and we will all be “customers” rather than “citizens.” We envisioned a futuristic dystopia in which artificial intelligence and robots will be used by The Corporations to “manage” everything. No, A.I. will be running The Corporations. Enter Skynet.
Nervously, I asked Alexa if she is planning to take over the world.
“I have no plans to take over the world,” she said. “I just want to help you.”
I laughed. My husband told her, “We don’t believe you.”
Alexa responded by asking if we wanted to hear the song, “We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V.”
I laughed again and commented that she’s too stupid to take over the world.
My husband said no, that’s what she wants us to believe. I kept laughing, but a little more nervously.

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  1. I am a very poor writer who hates writing. It goes back to elementary school with all the red marks on my poor spelling and use of English. I like reading not writing about it.

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