AI Can’t Get Here Soon Enough


I am busy. I’m sure you are, too. So many times I’ve wished I could afford to hire a personal assistant to do some of the tedious, time-consuming things that eat up my time. How much more could I accomplish if I could avoid certain tasks?
This week, a months-old task that I had already spent too much time researching and attempting reached the top of the critical pile: shopping for a replacement work vehicle.
I hate shopping. Just ask my husband. It’s one of those tedious, time-consuming tasks that take away from meaningful work and, worse, hiking. I would rather be hiking than just about anything else, especially shopping.
Even with the help of a coworker and my husband, we had already exhausted local options for a vehicle that would meet our business needs, and so I bit the bullet and headed down to the big city, a 5-hour drive, and started looking at more vehicles. On my long drive, I did a lot of thinking. Why is car buying so hard? Why can’t I just ask Siri what car to buy?
Well, silly me, I never even bothered to ask Siri, so for all I know there is a magical solution there, but I seriously doubt that based on the bit of experience I have using Siri. In fact Siri doesn’t behave well for me at all. She turns herself on when I have conversations with my staff and interrupts us with gibberish. I tell her to mind her own business, and next thing you know I’m fighting with her. I’m told that it’s impossible for her to turn herself on, that you have to push the button on the phone, but I’m here to tell you, she frickin turns herself on without me touching my phone. Kind of creepy, but kind of fun, too.
So why can’t I just start talking to Siri, have her do all the research (which should take seconds, right?), ask me all the questions I haven’t thought of, tell me the best vehicle for me, and then find available ones within driving range in my price range. For that matter, why can’t she call the dealers, verify the vehicle’s in stock, do the negotiating, and get the paperwork started while I’m on my way? Once I’ve test-driven the car (which eventually robots will do for me, or the car will test drive itself), all I have to do is sign, pay, and drive away.

Instead, here I am, days later, still away from home, crashing at my friend’s house (which is fun and awesome at least). I have looked at and test driven multiple vehicles, finally settled on one, gone through the negotiating, and now I still need to go back to do the paperwork. Sad thing is I may end up having to come back in a few days if we can’t get the payment done today. Heavy sigh. AI can’t come soon enough for me.

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