Evolution by Design

©2016 C. Henry Martens Are we ready for artificial evolution? By that, I mean designing and constructing our own evolution as a species? Recently the great Charlie Rose “interviewed” a robot. One thing struck me right away. Before the interview,… Read moreEvolution by Design

Privacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?

©2016 Kari Carlisle Our country is polarized, and I suspect it’s because most people see in black and white. Religious vs. Secular Paleo vs. Vegan Liberal vs. Conservative I’ll admit I have occasionally found myself in a “my way or… Read morePrivacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?

Time to Tax Robots

©2016 C. Henry Martens True emergent sentience, in a mechanical form, is coming to a reality near you. There will be ethical questions to be answered, and eventually moral questions. Some rather early science fiction has provided what we might… Read moreTime to Tax Robots

Movie Review: Transcendence – Where’s the Humanity?

©2016 Kari Carlisle Although Transcendence is fun to watch and is mildly thought-provoking, I’m sad to report that the writer killed humanity before Johnny Depp’s Artificial Intelligence had a chance to. I’ll get to that in a minute… The concept… Read moreMovie Review: Transcendence – Where’s the Humanity?