Time to Tax Robots

©2016 C. Henry Martens True emergent sentience, in a mechanical form, is coming to a reality near you. There will be ethical questions to be answered, and eventually moral questions. Some rather early science fiction has provided what we might… Read moreTime to Tax Robots

Guest Post: Short Story – Angelica

©2016 Sam Kates The woman trailed her hand along the rail, transferring the powder from her fingers. Off-white to the point of creamy, translucence, more dust than powder. ‘Angel Dust,’ she called it, although this was no recreational drug. No… Read moreGuest Post: Short Story – Angelica

Weigh in on the Book Description for Hell Follows After!

©2015 C. Henry Martens and Kari Carlisle Hell Follows After, another book in the Monster of the Apocalypse Saga, is just weeks away from publication. We’re working on the ebook and print formatting, last minute edits, back cover touch-ups, and… Read moreWeigh in on the Book Description for Hell Follows After!