The Best Advice I Ever Got

©2016 Kari Carlisle There’s no shortage of advice out there – good and bad. And there’s no shortage of people willing to give it, including myself. I love to give advice because I’ve learned much of value in my life… Read moreThe Best Advice I Ever Got

Apocalypse Survival 101: Skill Set

©2016 C. Henry Martens   Apocalypse Survival 101 Mental attitude Assess the situation Define the level of risk Questions that need to be asked Location, location, location Skill set Timing The realities in your support system Inventory of resources Odds versus… Read moreApocalypse Survival 101: Skill Set

Privacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?

©2016 Kari Carlisle Our country is polarized, and I suspect it’s because most people see in black and white. Religious vs. Secular Paleo vs. Vegan Liberal vs. Conservative I’ll admit I have occasionally found myself in a “my way or… Read morePrivacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?