8 Gift Ideas for Geeks


First of all, it’s important to note that not all geeks are the same. Don’t make the mistake Amy made on The Big Bang Theory when she says the guys were playing a “Star Trek” game when, as Penny rightly corrects her, they were playing a “Star Wars” game. Of course, then Penny follows that with a mistake – when Amy asks, “What’s the difference?” Penny says, “There’s absolutely no difference!” Penny could not be more wrong (yes, another Big Bang reference). There is a huge difference. So if your geek is a big Star Wars fan, do NOT buy him/her a model of the starship Enterprise. Likewise, if your geek is a big Star Trek fan, do NOT buy him/her a lightsaber.
Unfortunately, it’s really much more complicated than that. Like the Big Bang guys, many geeks are fans of both franchises, along with a multitude of other TV shows, movies, comic books, cartoons, video games, cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, etc. And their level of fandom of each will vary dramatically. Just because someone might appreciate a good Ewok joke on Facebook does not mean a life-size plush Ewok doll is the ideal gift for that person. And if you don’t know what an Ewok is, you have a lot of homework to do. You will need to do some sleuthing to figure out your geek’s preferences.
Once you have a solid idea what your geek is a big fan of, look for unique gifts associated with those preferences. Start now and you can find awesome, custom-made or vintage gift items for the holidays in a range of prices on sites such as Ebay and Etsy. Here are some ideas for you (links are for your convenience – we are not making any money on your purchases)…
For the coffee-drinking anime fan:
For the pierced superhero fan:
For the champagne-loving Game of Thrones fan:
For the bespectacled gamer:
For the curious Outlander fan:
For the Alien fan with a sweet tooth:
For the techie Trekie:
For the Doctor Who foodie:
If all else fails, buy tickets to the next nearby Comicon/Sci-Fi convention. It’s a guaranteed winning gift for any geek!

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