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First of all, no, I do not have a “thing” for Val Kilmer as my husband accused. I’m just a big fan of his acting and some of his movies. If you’re a regular reader of the Apocalypse Observer, you know that I was disappointed when Kilmer canceled his appearance at Phoenix Comic Fest last month. Now I know why.
Kilmer is probably best known for his roles in Top Gun, Tombstone, and Batman Forever, among others, and his filmography is incredibly long. Tombstone definitely tops my personal favorites list, and I also love Real Genius and The Ghost and the Darkness. Not all his movies are good, but he’s always fabulous is any role he takes on. Red Planet is a horrible movie, but if I ever watch it again, it will be because of him. Same goes for The Island of Dr. Moreau. Kilmer may have developed a reputation for being difficult to work with, but it’s because he’s so devoted to perfecting his characters. He’s a true actor, not just a good-looking guy who got lucky and made it big. He has been very careful about the roles he takes, and you may be surprised at some that he’s turned down.
I spent a few minutes looking at Kilmer’s profile on IMDB.com. It’s extensive, and while I could go on about his bio, interesting facts, quotes, and more, I recommend you just go there and check it out for yourself. If you’re not familiar with IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), it’s a great site to check out your favorite actors, movies, and TV shows. My husband and I use it regularly to settle disagreements about what actors have been in. I usually lose.
I do have one story about Kilmer that you won’t see on IMDB. He’s actually the friend of a friend of mine, and my friend told me about when his kids were younger, Val was at their house, and they had some cookies out that Val was eating. My friend’s daughter complained that “Batman is eating my cookies.” How cute is that?
While an actor could have many reasons for canceling an appearance, you may appreciate Kilmer’s reason for missing Phoenix Comic Fest. The following week, I learned that he will be reprising his Iceman role in a long-overdue sequel to Top Gun. He began filming Top Gun: Maverick that very weekend. So, I guess I can forgive him and hope that he makes an appearance next year.
What are your favorite Val Kilmer movies? Tell me which ones I need to see in the comments.

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