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Science fiction is a blast, and conventions are fun just to watch the people, so combining scifi with a gathering of authors and science nerds is a great way to spend a few days. Throw in the fantasy crowd, many in costume, and you have a real treat.
This particular convention, MileHiCon, was held at the Hyatt Regency on Tufts Avenue in Denver. The location was impressive, if somewhat inconvenient for the kind of gathering. Lots of people waiting for slow elevators, and an awkward area for the author’s venue. But the discussion rooms, vendor, and art area were fine.
I had the privilege to attend several presentations and panel discussions. One of the things I really enjoyed was that the audience participated. No lecture was boring, no panel was limited to those in the front of the room, and everyone shared ideas.
Ray Buland, a recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal for his work in creating the US National Seismograph Network and awarded personally by the President, gave an entertaining Brief History of the Earth. Did you know that nine tenths of the Earth’s history happened before any life was present? How about that the moon showed up fairly early, and even though it is made of the same stuff as our planet, no one has figured out how it formed? When he spoke of the electromagnetic field and the inner core rotating, and how it is necessary to life and even the manufacture of oxygen, I was fascinated.
Dr. Buland’s charming and lovely assistant (his wife) sought me out later and offered an invitation for drinks that evening. Unfortunately I had to decline as I would already be hundreds of miles on the road home. One of those true regrets in life that circumstances get in the way of.
I also enjoyed the panel discussions on Conspiracy Theories and Genetic Engineering. Lots of food for thought and some ideas for short stories.
I had made arrangements to share a table with another author for a couple of hours, and the facility was cramped and hidden behind a pillar. My compatriot and I hit it off immediately, and we decided to “break the rules” and move our table to where it could be more easily seen. The Powers That Be descended… but in the end we convinced them that we were unnecessarily hidden, and a compromise gave us a better vantage.
I offered a prize of $100 dollars to anyone who could answer a simple question about my three books, but had no takers. However, I did have several people download all three as free e-books, on the spot, with the promise they would give me reviews. Ain’t technology wunerful? I also parted ways with several print books, the most popular There Where the PowerLies, but all three finding homes depending on people’s interests.
So far… no reviews (You know who you are, lol).
Overall, a good time of stimulating conversations with intelligent and inspiring people, punctuated by belly dancing performed by several curvy ladies in alien/space inspired costumes.


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