Fantasy Laws


Regardless of one’s political leanings, we all have our pet peeves about how the “system” works, don’t we? If you could wave your magic wand and add a few laws to the books, wouldn’t you? Here are some of my fantasy laws…

NUMBER ONE: Any benefits accorded to politicians must be the exact same as those they vote for their constituents, those laws that provide benefit or penalty to citizens.

Any organization claiming tax exemption must demonstrate a history of charity, including the personal charity of those in charge.
Demonstrated and reproducible evidence will always be given higher priority in law making than belief.

The military is to prioritize disaster relief opportunities to train in logistics within the borders of the nation.

All businesses of over a thousand employees will maintain a customer service department with up to date, working contact information displayed boldly on their home page and any table of contents. All employees in complaint department that deal with customer contact will speak English as their primary language.

All ad prices quoted and overcharged at the register will be free to the purchaser, not to exceed ten dollars. Any ad price published by mistake will be boldly displayed at the front door.

Expectation of use needs to include television and internet limitations on advertising.

Personally owned and private images taken with the expectation of privacy are wholly owned by the person or persons in the image. Any person or business entity, regardless of being incorporated or otherwise limited in liability or responsibility, publishing an image without permission can be held liable for publication.

Free television and radio through ads, not subscription. Subscription means FREE of ads.
All telephone marketing illegal unless a person signs up for it.

Alternatively: Any call originating from a business is to be paid for wholly by that business.

Any person can state they wish to be taken off of a call list for any reason, regardless of any business relationship, and if calls continue they can demand reimbursement for their entire phone bill from each offender.

If a person or business does business in the US, they pay taxes in the US.
Restrictions on pet breeding. Register required for fertile females. Fees used for inspection of facilities. Sign up lists before breeding allowed. National registry of pet owners that abandon animals or are convicted of abuse.
No property tax increases for principal residences of retired people.
Taxes levied for schools depending on size of family.
All prices advertised must include all fees, taxes, whatever. Full and complete disclosure, no surprises.
Eye, dental, and hearing included on health insurance. Boards set up to decide standards of necessary care to avoid over selling of service.
Guaranteed health care for life-threatening disease and mental illness. Restrictions on length of time opioids can be used. No markups on equipment or products used in insurance-covered medical procedures higher than the national average for other profit-generating products.
Required classes and registration to own weapons. Militia membership and participation required to own weapons deemed military.
Reality-based grading in schools based on actual academic ability. Realistic standard testing. Education based on what can be proven and reproduced. Teacher pay dependent on results. Student debt regulated in institutions receiving federal funding. No tenure for school administrators, and limits on teacher/admin ratios. Government funding for higher education prioritized by professions most in demand, including trades.
Term limits. No lobbies. All donations and gifts must be reported and made public. Elected officials required to be in voting chambers for ninety percent of all votes.
Review of all laws every ten years for necessity and how well they actually work. Those not reviewed automatically time out.
Phone blocker on vehicles, blocking all signals to driver area unless car is turned off.
All plastics, glass containers, and batteries will have a deposit assessed at point of sale (This is a personal favorite. There are so many obvious benefits as well as interesting ways to handle both the returned material and the deposit monies).
No free music, film, art, or books distributed from for-profit organizations unless they compensate the person that produces those products fairly.
Now some REAL fantasy laws.
Public corporation pay structure to compensate all employees fairly. No golden parachutes, bonuses should be based on actual performance and not to be more than ten percent of annual salary, no CEO’s on boards, no executive compensation more than one hundred times the lowest salary of the business.
All immigrants, temporary or otherwise, are to register on entering the country and declaring their intention to work and pay taxes. They will have three months to find employment and begin working. If a non-citizen should fail to secure gainful employment they lose all rights and are to be deported immediately. If employment is not maintained for ten months of every year, non-citizens lose all rights and will be deported immediately. All rights of citizenship are accorded to taxpayers regardless of citizenship. Children born to non-citizens are declared citizens of the parent’s country of origin. If a parent is deported their children stay with them. Children of immigrants are to be given priority in receiving citizenship opportunities but only after reaching the age of eighteen. Citizenship may be denied for any felony conviction, and deportation will be mandatory. Non-citizens serving in the US military will be granted citizenship on completion of two tours of duty. All people applying for citizenship shall be able to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Any immigrants over the age of sixty-five and not working must have a family member or sponsor that will be responsible for their living expenses.
Professions will form boards to police their practitioners in regards to ethics and quality of service.  Citizen boards made up of complainants will oversee them, and if they are found to be unable to police themselves, those citizen boards will administer judgments.
I could surely go on. So many laws are unnecessary, or outmoded, or ignored, or in need of changes easily made. I prefer simple laws and allowing good judges to administer discretion. Care to indulge in the fantasy? It isn’t that difficult to leave a comment. You are invited.

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