12 Fun and Unusual Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day


Star Wars fans have designated May 4th as an unofficial, annual Star Wars Day to celebrate their beloved franchise comprised of movies, TV shows, novels (graphic and otherwise), video games, and oh, so much more. The date is a play on the famous line, “May the Force be with you,” i.e. “May the Fourth be with you.” The date itself has no significance to the movie franchise, but it’s a fantastic excuse to be nerdy for a day.
If you enjoy the hit sitcom, Big Bang Theory, you may have seen the episode when the group planned the Star Wars Day celebration around a marathon run of the movies, only six at the time, although some conflict over proper viewing order ensued. A surprise Death Star-shaped cake added to the festivity. While such Star Wars Day activities could be fun, I’d like to suggest a few alternative ideas, some of which may be fun for the whole family, even the non-fans among us.
Lightsaber fights – pick up some toy lightsabers wherever Star Wars toys are sold, and head to a park or other open space, and have at it! You’ll release some pent-up energy, get a little exercise, and maybe attract some attention. Don’t be surprised if others join you.
Local events – search online for Star Wars Day events near you. Retail shops, watering holes (you know what I mean), restaurants, museums, etc. have learned to capitalize on the day with discounts and programs. Pick one or two and check them out.
Music – Bum Bum Bum, Bum-de-dum, Bum-de-dum. Crank the movie theme while you clean your house. Seriously, you will ENJOY cleaning your house! Oh, and be sure to dance during the cantina music.
Comedy – YouTube has a plethora of parodies to watch, not to mention the stand-up, Saturday Night Live skits, and more. Just search “Star Wars comedy” and start watching the results that interest you. The first parody, and still my favorite is Hardware Wars. And I still sometimes get Bill Murray’s lounge act song stuck in my head… “Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars….”
Cookies and milk – Blue milk, that is. Bake some cookies and add a little blueberry juice to your choice of milks. Then sit down and watch the Star Wars movie that started it all.
Gaming – Whether or not you consider yourself a gamer, you can try playing one of many Star Wars games available on a number of platforms. No gaming devices? Just go to www.starwars.com, and you can play some games for free online.
Cosplay – You can cosplay yourself or search for a local Star Wars cosplay group to see where they are appearing. A real fan surely has a Star Wars costume or two lying around. If not, head to the thrift store and piece something together. If you can’t find anything, at least pin towels around the kids and let them lightsaber fight with paper towel tubes.
Embarrass your dog – Act now, and you can get a dog costume in time for the big day. Walk around the neighborhood with your dogs dressed as Yoda, Princess Leia, or At-Ats. Better yet, take them to a local assisted living/care facility to delight the residents. Call ahead to make sure the facility allows it.
Watch Star Wars… – in another language. YouTube has many scenes you can watch in different languages. If you are fluent or even less than fluent in another language, try watching the whole movie. It should be interesting to hear how some of the lines are translated. Fun Fact: Star Wars is the first movie to be translated into the Navajo language.
Fan fiction – pick your favorite Star Wars characters and write a short story with them. It doesn’t have to follow canon (the rules of the Star Wars universe) or even good. Just have fun putting them in a new setting or fighting a new foe.
Plan a trip – Disney is opening up their new Star Wars theme land. Star Wars Day will be the perfect day to sit the family down and start preparing for the trip. Search YouTube for the “proper” way to surprise your kids with a Disney vacation.
Subtle homage – Wear your Star Wars t-shirt. Seriously, it’s the least you can do without doing nothing.
Already have plans? Tell us what they are in the comments.
Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you!

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2 thoughts on “12 Fun and Unusual Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

  1. I (New) Hope you found something to do! I spent much of the day with friends at a free comic book day scavenger hunt and scored free tickets to a sci-fi action movie screening this week! The Fourth was with me!

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