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Do I have time travel on my mind? Yes, I do! I’m having so much fun working at the Arizona Renaissance Faire, and I’m heading there again this weekend (March 11-12). And it’s Time Traveler’s weekend at the Faire (No way! Yes way!), so if you are in the greater Phoenix area this weekend, don your steampunk garb or Star Trek uniform and come see me and my greyhound, Simon, in the Greyhound Guild booth. Tell me you read this blog post, and I will give you a print copy of any one of C. Henry Martens’ books!

Okay, down to business. I promised you a countdown. Here you go….
10. Mr. Peabody & Sherman – Before this was a movie, it was a children’s cartoon a long time ago. Dog and boy use Way Back Machine to check out historical events. This was probably my first introduction to time travel. Oooph, dating myself.
9. Time After Time – Brand new show that I confess I haven’t seen yet, but it looks good. Even if it’s not, the actors are pretty hot. The only reason I haven’t tuned in is because it’s on at the same time as…
8. Making History – Another new show in which millennials screw up the American Revolution using a duffel bag time machine. Yes, it’s a comedy. Amusing first episode, but jury’s still out on this one.
7. Quantum Leap – And I’m dating myself again, but I used to love watching Scott Bakula ‘jump’ into people’s bodies throughout time to fix their problems. Who am I kidding? I just used to love watching Scott Bakula.
6. Star Trek franchise – Though Star Trek was about space travel, the stories occasionally sent characters through time. One of my faves – Kirk and Bones trying to stay out of trouble while obtaining supplies in 1940’s Chicago so Spock could get them back home. But of course getting into trouble anyway.
5. Stargate franchise – And speaking of space shows dabbling in time travel, Stargates SG-1, Atlantis, and SG-U all had their time travel episodes. My absolute fave – the SG-U crew finding their own descendants on a planet, hundreds of years after their doubles time traveled back and got stranded.
4. Red Dwarf – Binge-worthy, British space comedy that technically isn’t about space travel, though after millennia in suspended animation, the last remaining crew member wakes to find himself far from home and having to share a giant spacecraft with a disturbed hologram, A.I., robots, and the single remaining offspring of the evolved ship’s cat.  Yes, all of them disturbed. And sometimes there is time travel. And curry. And toast. Did I mention it’s British? Yeah….
3. Continuum – Too-short-lived time travel drama that brings a cop and a gang of anti-corporation (no government in the future) activists to our own time. Very complicated with lots of cool twists, gadgets and effects, but it’s the good stories and characters that make it worth finding to stream.
2. Outlander – Interesting take on the time travel story, as it doesn’t involve our present time at all. A WWII English nurse finds herself transported back 400 years. Rich in character development, story, and scene, I love this one. I mean, men in kilts… what’s not to love? It does have its violent and hot and steamy moments, though, so not for innocent eyes.
And Number One…
Doctor Who – I won’t even pretend to have seen every single episode in how many of its original seasons? And in the 9 seasons of its rebirth? Or should I say regeneration? Doctor Who is the epitome of time travel, taking us anywhere and everywhere and to the very end of the universe. Meeting companions, aliens, robots, historic figures, and every episode nearly destroying time itself, the stories are complicated and as mysterious as the Doctor himself. Can a show be campy and sophisticated at the same time? Only Doctor Who.
I hope you enjoyed my countdown. Tell me in the comments your favorites and if I missed any here. Or tell me in person this weekend!

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