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I hate to ask… so I will put this in the context of ALL authors. We crave reviews. The very best way to show your appreciation for something you have read is to take five minutes to write a short review.
We learn from them. Feedback is great from those we love, family and friends… but from someone who has made a purchase or even taken advantage of a free promotion, a total stranger from out of the blue, a review is like winning the lottery.
I treasure each and every one but especially the ones that are honest. They don’t have to be 5 star, and they don’t have to even be consistent (I DO appreciate when they refrain from telling the story and giving away spoilers).
This is one of my favorites for Monster of the Apocalypse, published on Goodreads:
May 19, 2015
Willow Brooks rated it 4 stars:
really liked it
First I was like, this book looks pretty good. Then I was like, I’m really liking it. Then I was like, Hell-To-The-No-Way!!! Then I was completely wrapped snugly in a blanket of Pissed Off!! This book had me up half the night, I was so mad. I wanted to smack Deo in the back of his big head, and squeeze Lecti’s neck for maybe a scary 32 seconds. Then I wanted to have a Come-to-……. Meeting with the Freaking Author!
I continued to read the rest of the story today, and felt my blood pressure begin to come down slowly, and (I don’t even have high blood pressure)! Then I was tripping because the book got back good to me, especially all the background information of how the world came to be so desolate of humans, who did it, and what the purpose was behind the act.
Wow, it was good with a touch of political and moral truth to it. This book actually makes you think about where the world is headed! I’m honestly thinking that one day soon in the future, this book will no longer be a work of fiction, but the reality of what’s left of humanity.
This author did a GREAT Job with this book, although I’m still a little mad at him for what happened to Lecti. Loved Eleon and Hey You. (Yep, Hey You was her name).
Happy Reading!!
This is the lottery win, even though it is a 4 star review. It lets me know that I did my job. It offers some critical opinion and compliments what I did right.
Please consider writing reviews for books. They don’t have to be as long as my example, and please don’t be intimidated by the act of offering an opinion or your ability to write well. Authors don’t care, as long as we hear from you. You are important to us.

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  1. I never realized how important a review is or the impact it has on an author. Thank you for the information.

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