Commonality of Survival


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Are you a parent, a Sunday-go-to-meetin’, white-bread, liberal, neo-Fascist, evolutionary, meat-chompin’, brown-skinned, atheistic, anti-gun, beer drinkin’, vegan, poverty-line, concealed weapon totin’, wine sippin’, classic car drivin’, hard core Limbyte believin’, teetotalin’, bicyclin’, Smashmouth listenin’, capitalist, pot smokin’, organic veggie eatin’, prayer to Mecca person?

Or any other descriptor you can think of? Any label? Any political persuasion? Any diversity of race or ethnicity or national origin? Any member of any organization, religion, or lack thereof?

Because it doesn’t matter. None of it matters if we (you) don’t survive.








The human race has a common purpose. A common goal. A common theme. A common interest. A common planet.

We are ALL riding the same little blue and green ball through the vast expanse of the universe… and we have nowhere else to go.

If you think your children will survive to die of old age, comfortable in their beds and surrounded by loved ones… you might be wrong.

Sixty percent of the natural animal biomass on the planet has disappeared in the last fifty years.

Let that sink in…

It does not matter what you believe. It does not matter if you are a Latter-Day-Saint, capitalist, Republican with a plural marriage and a tap on the welfare system, or a Nepalese boat captain, or a nudist, multi-lingual, margarita-drinking, performance artist.

Our world is dying, and not a lot of people seem to be aware. Certainly not a lot of people with priorities like turning a buck, or planting seeds between the legs of a young woman, or inventing the next viral tech.

A lot of people are in active denial.

And this is where we save the world… IF we care enough.

Those of us in the know, we few with an awareness of present circumstances, MUST inform those around us until they have that sudden epiphany… and realize their futures and dreams and even their progeny are at risk.

And this is where it gets sticky. Because we have a perception to overcome. People see us as (whatever) because we project (whatever) to those people. They see us as liberal or conservative, educated or ignorant, religious or not, animal rights advocates or realists, someone with good information or the family wacko. People have either already formed an opinion of whether we are worth listening to, or they are basing their automatic opinions on a first impression.

Either way, we have to have our ducks in a row. We must shun the wishful thinking that makes easy-to-believe propaganda attractive… and use real figures and real statistics that are backed up by legitimate sources. To attract the most attention to our concerns, to influence the most people, to incite the most positive change, we must use the best information and appear to be the most reasonable.

This means that if we are vegan or omnivores, conservative or liberal, religious or atheist, or any of the labels we so easily apply to ourselves, we must drop them… and place our higher calling to the survival of the planet as our priority… and we must project that to those we are trying to inform.

The rest doesn’t matter.

We have a commonality of purpose if the world is to survive. That is not too strong a term. It is time to recognize the fact that animals are disappearing. Disappearing for unknown reasons in many cases.

We human beings are the only species that have been given the abilities to destroy our own environment. Let us be intelligent enough to recognize what we are doing and to both recognize and discover the means we are employing to self-destruct. And let us take the necessary steps to reverse the damage we are doing.

We have the commonality of survival.

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4 thoughts on “Commonality of Survival

  1. Spiritual Genocide

    I have noticed the protest motivation has expressed that some how the government is responsible for spiritual awareness. This country was not founded on controlling anyone’s spiritual life. The Government supports spiritual liberty and freedom not spiritual awareness. Many humans do not believe in spiritual anything and have the right to be free from being required to have a spiritual life. It is the personal responsibility of the individual to control their own beliefs in spiritual matters. To go out and vandalize public or private property for their own lack of self control moves the spiritual life into the public sphere which then makes it controlled by public laws.

    Now we can understand spiritual people look for signs in objective reality to regulate their spiritual life. The problem is objective reality on a human scale has no scientific proof of spirituality being part of Government function or even existing. You may argue about the quantum world having the energy to move reality but that is speculation and not part of the reasons we formed a government to protect your rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights which does not include “Human Rights” Nature offers no such thing as Human Rights. All nature does is allow survival for a limited time depending on the ability to cope with the environment.

  2. Lisa,

    Our government was not formed only, or even primarily, to “protect your rights”.

    The preamble to the US Constitution:

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Yes, our rights are important. But our responsibilities, to ourselves and to one another, are just as important. Maybe more so.

    And what’s with all the “spirit” and “spiritual” stuff? Mr. Martens didn’t mention that. Did he write something that raised your hackles? Oh, and he didn’t write anything about “the quantum world”. And he didn’t write anything about vandalizing property. Did you read what he wrote? Did you comprehend it?

    1. You can not survive if you put emotions first. Emotions like many other things that go on in the mind is different for each individual. These things are a product of the quantum world and experience. We can not have general welfare common defense, domestic tranquility, or justice when people are willing to fight for their own thoughts and reject a common culture. This is proven when crimes go unreported and people refuse to do their civic duty.

      You can not import different cultures that have loyalty to different beliefs and a government that does not support the laws they make. Selective enforcement only becomes corruption when loyalties are split. The quantum world is nature no government can figure out. It does not come with laws favorable to human spirit.

  3. Scott Dahl, the inspector general for the U.S. Labor Department, told the House Subcommittee on Government Operations. Dahl estimated that at least $26 billion in benefits could be wasted, with the bulk of that going to fraudsters.

    We can not survive by supporting criminals and these criminals have no respect for anyone else much less community. Take government out of the survival business and put them to work enforcing the rights to defend ourselves.

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