Fit Enough to Bug Out!



An electromagnetic pulse has knocked out electricity for hundreds of square miles. Nothing works. Cars won’t run. Plumbing won’t pump water, not that you’d want the nasty stuff the purification plants are no longer purifying. And your perishables have perished. Within mere days, people are panicking, and bands of raiders are roaming the city, looking for any supplies they can find and even steal, killing if need be.

Your own supplies are running low, and the city has become a dangerous place to be. It’s time to bug out. It will take you days on foot with 50 pounds on your back to get to safety and fresh supplies… if someone else hasn’t gotten there first.
The journey will not be a pleasant, leisurely hike. You need to move fast and be prepared to run and hide… again, with 50 pounds of supplies on your back. Will you move during the day or at night? Do you know your route? What is the weather? Even with everything in your favor, are you physically fit enough to make the trip?
We may not face such a scenario in our lifetime, but potential survival situations are not the only reasons to strive for physical fitness. Being fit helps us maintain a healthy weight, avoid illness and injury, and just plain feels good.
This month, my workplace safety committee established a fitness challenge for all employees who want to participate. Called “50 in 50,” the challenge is to run/walk/hike at least 50 miles in 50 days with a minimum of one mile per day (no making up for missed days).
I jumped on this challenge, but for me, it’s not much of a challenge. I regularly walk or hike with my dogs at least 1.5 – 2 miles each day, further on weekends. So, I plan to exceed 100 miles in 50 days. That will make my dogs happy, too.
Wherever you are in your fitness level, you can do better. Will you join the fitness challenge? Can you do 50 in 50? Whether you can walk a block or run 5 miles in a day, decide on a distance and an activity that challenges you, but not so difficult that you set yourself up for failure. Let me know in the comments what you will challenge yourself to do and when you will do it. Writing it down will make it even more of a commitment.
I will fill you in on my results toward the end of July, and I hope you and I both surpass our goals!

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