Guest Post: IMO, Bunker Survival is Crazy!


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I can only imagine trying to survive in an underground bunker post-SHTF or for any reason, really. I know it sounds like a workable plan but it is, in my opinion, likely a horrible experience, to say the least. Granted, it’s probably better than death by nukes or hordes of zombies. 😉

Regardless, I’d imagine it takes a special kind of person to be willing to stay in one for more than a few days at most. In reality, most of us would likely go stir crazy if days turned into weeks, months, or longer.

As such, I feel that those who built bunkers to survive in specifically for TEOTWAWKI+1 are fooling themselves. This is especially true for those people that believe their loved ones are similarly able–and willing–to survive for long periods of time underground. I just don’t see it happening.


Because we, as human beings, NEED certain things in live… to feel human, that is. It’s just not natural to be cooped up for extended periods of time. Obviously, if you’re choosing to live underground in a bunker then things aren’t normal, natural, or good!

Here’s a few things to consider…

We need human interaction (and our space)

One thing we need to feel human is regular interaction with others. That’s one reason why prisons place people in “the hole” as punishment. Sure, we’ll have our closest family right there but that leads directly to another problem, and that’s needing one’s own space. In short order I’m sure families living in a bunker for any length of time will want to claw each other’s eyes out. Throw a teenager or two in there and it’s assured!

We need to be a part of nature

Furthermore, we need to see and feel things like the sun. We need fresh air. We need the be a part of nature. That’s probably why camping and hiking are so popular… people realize that being stuck inside isn’t right, even if they don’t realize it. Besides having your air filtered (which isn’t exactly the same thing as “fresh” air) you’re certainly not going to see the sun or be a part of nature.

We need to be entertained

We, especially Americans, need entertainment. We get bored easily. Imagine being stuck in a place where you literally can’t go anywhere, electronics won’t work (the internet certainly won’t) and about the best you can muster are board games or books you’ve probably already read. In some cases this isn’t so bad but it will get old fast and the kids will surely get on your nerves.

Your safety is far from assured

Besides the aforementioned problems of just being and feeling human, one of the aspects of bunker survival that’s bothered me is that once found it’s just a matter of time for the bad guys to “smoke you out” in some fashion. It’s not like these people are stupid. They know you’ve got to have an entrance or two, need fresh air, etc. Do you honestly believe that they’re just going to give up if they think you might have supplies they want? Doubtful.

Those are just a few of my concerns. Don’t get me wrong, if I could honestly afford a bunker I would probably have one as a truly last-ditch option but it certainly shouldn’t take the place of many other preps, especially that of finding a proper homestead where you can truly attempt to survive SHTF.

And, as much as I like to tell my wife that I would happily live alone in a cave so long as it had satellite television and fridge to keep my beer cold, I really do occasionally like human interaction and need to feel a part of nature. 😉 I’d imagine you do as well.

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