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We love guest bloggers! We’ve had some fantastic guest posts, and we’re looking for more. How to submit? We’ll keep it simple…
Take a look through our blog for the kinds of topics we post. We have everything from fluffy fun to deadly serious. Short stories, lists, commentaries, and reviews on survival, technology, writing, and even romance. Our readers are interested in homesteading, science fiction, psychology, and opinions on the Oxford comma. If there’s an overarching theme, it’s that the world is coming to end, so what are we doing about it?
If you have an idea you think we’ll like, you can shoot a brief description in an email to, and we’ll let you know if we’d like to see more. If you’re SURE we’ll like it, go ahead and write the whole darn thing and send it. The beautiful thing is, unlike most other blogs, you get to keep the rights to your work! Just do us a favor and let us post first (no previously published posts), and give us a 6-month head start before you publish elsewhere.
A few other things you need to be aware of:
  • We don’t mind ending a sentence with a preposition. In fact, we won’t edit your work, so make sure it represents your best writing. If it’s really bad, though, don’t be upset if we ask you to rework it or end up rejecting it.
  • MS Word or compatible software is preferred, but we’ll take it in the body of the email if that’s a problem for you. We will take care of the formatting. Length is not a consideration if the content is original and of interest to our readers around the world.
  • By all means, include a byline with up to 4 links to your websites, social media accounts, products, or your favorite cat videos. No SEO or affiliate links within the post. We will remove links within the post unless they’re pertinent to the post and lead to valuable content for our readers.
  • An image is not required but appreciated. If an image is included, it must be owned by you. Be sure to provide your desired attribution language. We reserve the right to crop, resize, alter, or use a different image.
  • We’re not afraid to be a little controversial, but please avoid overtly offensive posts.
  • We reserve the right to revise these guidelines at any time and to accept/reject any guest post that meets/does not meet these guidelines. Yes, if you want to throw us a Hail Mary, you go right ahead. We just may catch it and run it in for a touchdown.
Thanks for considering The Apocalypse Observer for your guest post. We will promote your post across multiple social media platforms and in our weekly email newsletter, so sign up below to receive it. Can’t wait to hear from you!
The Apocalypse Observer Team

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