Science Fiction Convention: MileHiCon

©2016 C. Henry Martens Science fiction is a blast, and conventions are fun just to watch the people, so combining scifi with a gathering of authors and science nerds is a great way to spend a few days. Throw in… Read moreScience Fiction Convention: MileHiCon

What Will Civilization Look Like After the Apocalypse?

©2016 Kari Carlisle   So many speculative fiction books and movies that explore the idea of an apocalypse focus on the events closely surrounding the apocalyptic event itself. Hell Follows After is unusual in that it explores the idea of… Read moreWhat Will Civilization Look Like After the Apocalypse?

Guest Post: Short Story – Angelica

©2016 Sam Kates The woman trailed her hand along the rail, transferring the powder from her fingers. Off-white to the point of creamy, translucence, more dust than powder. ‘Angel Dust,’ she called it, although this was no recreational drug. No… Read moreGuest Post: Short Story – Angelica