The Best Advice I Ever Got

©2016 Kari Carlisle There’s no shortage of advice out there – good and bad. And there’s no shortage of people willing to give it, including myself. I love to give advice because I’ve learned much of value in my life… Read moreThe Best Advice I Ever Got

Privacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?

©2016 Kari Carlisle Our country is polarized, and I suspect it’s because most people see in black and white. Religious vs. Secular Paleo vs. Vegan Liberal vs. Conservative I’ll admit I have occasionally found myself in a “my way or… Read morePrivacy Versus Security: An Either/Or Prospect?

Time to Tax Robots

©2016 C. Henry Martens True emergent sentience, in a mechanical form, is coming to a reality near you. There will be ethical questions to be answered, and eventually moral questions. Some rather early science fiction has provided what we might… Read moreTime to Tax Robots