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Author C. Henry Martens
C. Henry Martens

C. Henry Martens has a rich and varied life, including ranching, winning at poker, delivering babies in backwoods cabins, and appreciating art, science, music, and books. He and his wife love to be outdoors and are at every opportunity. He likes to work with his hands, including woodworking, metalwork, painting, gardening, and animal care. For him, a good, cheap wine or a few tequila shots, old friends or complete strangers with something to say, and a great landscape to view… sublime. As an author, he provides several points of view and the unexpected. He would invite you along, to talk and trade perspectives… and to laugh at every opportunity.

Editor Kari Carlisle
Kari Carlisle

Kari Carlisle, M.A., is a consultant, publicist, writer, and editor with a background in theology, anthropology, archaeology, museum curation, and art gallery management. She also partners with her husband to run his business, John A Carlisle Photography. Kari loves hiking with her husband and their retired racing greyhounds, River and Simon.